I never could have imagined the relationships and purpose I would form because of my loss. And that gives me such bountiful hope, as I think about everything my future has yet to unfold. 

Today in the mail, I received a thin brown package from a young widow containing breath-taking postcards of her beloved's illustrations and photography. (We became email correspondents and friends after she found an article I'd written for a grief foundation and decided to connect with follow-up questions and thoughts.) Through this inspiring gift, I've been meditating on the importance laced within listening, holding hard copies, and helping others not feel alone. 

I've met so many people in the last eight years who want or need to share - their person, their fears, their conflicted emotions - but don't feel like they can open up. The people around them are uncomfortable with the reality of grief, or they just feel too much pressure to look resilient. Often, when I've decided to share even a minute of my story, I'm met with extreme gratitude and the privilege to hear defining moments of another's journey. 

I hold these opportunities and people close to my heart. 

Wherever you are in your journey, there is light to be found in sharing, listening, and being open to the people who are in your future.



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