I battled the fear of driving or asking someone to drive to me for many years, worrying there would be another fatal crash. And while it could happen, living in that fear is paralyzing. I believe we must live with the hope that all will be okay AND the reality that today is all we have.



I agree with your point This is just like prevention is better than cure.its not about fear its just about care.

01/31/2017 7:49pm

I agree that fear does not prevent death, it does really prevents life. We are being stopped by this so called fear. It stops us from being the best that we can be. It stops us from doing the best for our life. It even stops us from the success that we really deserve to have. Anyway, I agree with you as well that we should live with the hope that all will be okay and today is what we have. We should live life to the fullest. We should enjoy every single moment we have in our life.

10/27/2016 8:24pm

I really find the quote very thoughtful and inspirational. We should really face the fears in our life. Our fears are what hinders us from truly enjoying our life to the fullest. The reason behind that is we get lingering feelings for each time passing by whenever we fear something. We can only truly enjoy our lives if we face our darkest fears.

11/07/2016 5:12am

It’s very educative post and I want to figure out more to upgrade my skills. Thanks much!

01/04/2017 7:37am

Wow, finally I got this info. It's so important for me. Thank you!


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