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"Everything I love, I will lose. That's the harsh truth. You either have to shut down your heart - and miss the love that is around you - or wrestle with that truth and come out the other end. There is indeed such a thing as joyful sorrow. The work of the mature person is to carry grief in one hand and gratitude in the other and to be stretched large by them."

My favorite magazine is called The Sun - it's a literary treasure that publishes interviews as well as fiction, nonfiction and poetry. The October issue happens to be on grief, with an interview of psychotherapist Francis Weller. The quote above belongs to him.



11/02/2015 2:08am

I will check out The Sun. If it is truly a literary treasure, I'm sure to find inspiration to write for my own works. It could be a great outlet for writers of different styles to share their works. It could also encourage readers to try other kinds of literary pieces other than what they are used to read. Thank you for sharing this. I'll get a copy very soon.

08/23/2016 11:19pm

I like The Sun magazine too! It's always so interesting to read it! From issue to issue!

09/24/2016 7:34am

This quote is pretty amazing. I think I should read this magazine too.

01/05/2017 8:05am

I've been reading "The Sun" too for the past months and from then until now, it still amazes me, Their articles were all good and all readers can relate to some feature stories. The quote seems to be very painful but really, it's a harsh reality. I've just read the quote but I am deeply affected already. Writers from this magazine especially Francis Weller, they are all good and admirable!

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