I went to his grave today. 
I felt at a loss for words, as I do on most anniversaries.

Sometimes I just sit and stare at the letters carved in stone. Other times I watch the leaves, grass, or bugs nearby and meditate to calm my soul. Tears come and go.

Today the tears were flowin'.

I told him I will always love him and that he remains a part of me. I asked him to keep pouring his strength, patience, and ability to easily forgive into me. I prayed for all the new widow(er)s, and all the ones who feel trapped, isolated, and scared. I remember that so vividly.

Man I wish I could feel his arms around me today, on our eighth wedding anniversary.

I know that tomorrow the sun will rise and I'll live in my present again, a present I truly love. But it still sucks that I lost him and he lost out on life.



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03/04/2017 12:29am

I feel really sorry for what happened to you and to your husband. But I guess life works that way. Just like what you have said about how tears come and go, so do life. Life is too short. Even though you haven't been with him for a very long time already, I can still feel your pain and grief. I want you to be strong for the ones you love. Don't worry, he did not die, he just went home.

11/25/2015 6:34am

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02/02/2016 9:00am

It is really sad to see that he is no more with you but it is the part of life and nobody can run from it. I want you to try to be happy and prepare yourself for the difficulties of life. I am really impressed to see your love with him and i appreciate it.

05/26/2016 3:35am

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I am very sorry. That's so sad. It's really hard for you, but you should be strong.

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