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Just returned from a vacation celebrating my husband's birthday, first father's day, and our second wedding anniversary. Never imagined that I would get the chance to say those words. 

The mountains always call us. Doesn't nature have the most beautiful way of revealing the cycle of life, how newness comes from death, and the resilience within us all? I feel like I could walk in the forests forever, just listening and learning.  



01/20/2016 12:27am

Some people madly like mountain climbing and visiting and they spend much money and time to go hill stations even they were very far from destination and i am one of them.

02/15/2016 12:51am

Knowledge has give a lot of changes inside our life and also you can easliy deal with our life and take it towards the fitting heading to make this prosperous. Learning has made the life distinctive on the grounds that doing as such has allowed individuals the bearing to call home our life.

02/29/2016 5:38am

We should try our best to never loose hope even we are in the biggest troubles of our life because there is always a way to brightness somewhere and we should try to find that way and face the problems manly.

08/12/2016 3:12am

I like such journeys too! I am totally agree with you about it. Nice thoughts.

I like these kinds of travels. It makes me feel like I am free from the shackles of every day life. It relaxes both my body and soul. The mountains hear and the mountains know. Nature knows how life goes. Just look at the leaves that fall from the trees. From green to yellow to orange then finally brown. After that, the tree starts a new cycle for the seasons.

11/10/2016 1:22am

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