"This too shall pass" is a phrase I've hated and loved for many years. In some ways, it's callous - not validating how difficult the situation may be. In other ways, it's incredibly wise; even when we don't want to admit it, change is the only certainty in life.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this phrase again as I'm three weeks into being a new parent. I'd been really struggling with nursing and sleep deprivation...but I thankfully turned a corner with the help of a couple wise people. We are not meant to do this life alone!! And I can already tell, the classic phrase that started this post will be one I'll need to consult again on my new, beautiful journey.


04/10/2015 2:05am

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07/18/2016 1:41am

I don't have much liking to the phrase you have stated, because I think it robs us the right to savor and lament the present moment. I think in times of grief, it is essential to mourn. We cannot just move forward and leave the present behind. Mourning the moment is part of our humanity. We need to learn to take a break and reflect about the present that had stricken us very gravely.

12/14/2016 11:02am

You are right. That phrase is something we don't want to say to ourselves out loud when we are struggling with something. We know at the back of our heads that whatever the situation is, it will not disappear anytime soon. What is more effective is to look at the temporary obstacle as something being used to save us from a worse situation. It worked for me. When you cannot rely on friends, listen to your heart that tells you whatever you are going through is needed and is not senseless.

08/25/2015 9:43pm

I agree that the phrase "This too shall pass" is wise as it is true. The reason why it appears callous is because most people are in a hurry to drop the line. Just like any string of words, the said phrase's delivery has a proper timing. You don't say or write it to someone or to yourself at once. You don't publish or blurt it out when the emotions are still very raw and fresh. You allow yourself or another person feel first--allow yourself or them to release first either through words or tears. Then once the cathartic moment's happened, that's when you encourage yourself or them with the phrase "This too shall pass."

Timing is everything. Writers like us know this to be true.

10/01/2015 11:22pm

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10/01/2015 11:23pm

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01/31/2016 7:52am

The classic phrase that started this post will be one I'll need to consult again on my new, beautiful journey.

This phrase doesn't work usually.

Because everything pass as the time comes by.

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